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Welcome to the ABE Integration Wiki home page!

Here in this wiki you will find an assortment of resources and tools to help you become more familiar with integration philosophies and best practices. You will also find some fun online tools you can use in your classrooms to help assist you in integrating technology as well as subject content areas together.

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An Introduction to the Wiki:

An Overview of the Wiki's Contents:

Adult Education Principles and Aboriginal Perspectives : Here is an explanation of the Adult Learning Principles as well as Aboriginal Perspectives that adult educators throughout the province of Saskatchewan strive to reflect and demonstrate in their instructional practices.

Curriculum Guides and Integration Tools : On this page are a number of links that go directly to the curriculum guides that are hosted on the Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment & Labour's website. The HTML guides have electronic web-based resources embedded next to the applicable learning outcomes while the PDF versions allow for different parts of the curriculum to be more easily searched.

Directory of Members/Contributors to the wiki: Everyone listed on this page volunteers to share their expertise. If you'd like to be added to this directory, just apply to join the wiki and give a brief overview of your areas of expertise (even if you don't consider yourself an expert... everyone has something valuable to contribute).

Integration Articles: This page contains an annotated list of helpful articles devoted to the subject of integration, discussing the philosophies of integration, the successes and challenges associated with curriculum integration, as well as helpful tips and best practices for applying the principles of integration to the classroom.

Integration Guide Main Page for ABE Level 3 instructors: Here you will find links to the Integration guide as well as the Adult Level 3 Curriculums and helpful appendices.

Integration Examples : Activities, lessons and unit plans as well as developed integrated themes are gathered on this page. Some of the lessons and activities focus on a few integrated connections between two or a few subjects while other unit and lesson plans are much more thoroughly integrated. Any of these ideas are adaptable and useable by anyone.

Integration Workshops Nov 24 - 26th, 2009 : On this page you will find the PowerPoint presentation slides as well as the resources and feedback gathered from ABE Level 3 instructors who attended and collaborated together surrounding the topic of integration during the Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert workshops sponsored by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour during the month of November, 2009.

Online Toolbox & Fun Stuff: On this page you will discover an annotated list of various web tools that can assist instructors and their learners in integrating curriculum and presenting/showcasing learner-based work and projects.