Integration Guide Main Page

The goal of Adult Basic Education Level Three (Adult 10) Integration Guide is to present instructors with a tool that will help them work with learners to develop integrated themes, units, lessons, and activities that use learning outcomes from several different subjects simultaneously.

The Guide is divided into six parts:

  • Part One: An exploration and review of the literature about integration, including:
    • The importance of integration in adult learning;
    • The nature of integration; and
    • The benefits of integration for both learner and instructor.
  • Part Two: An examination of the various definitions of integration and integration related terms;

  • Part Three: An overview of the many ways integration can be used with adult learners;

  • Part Four: Examples of instructor-designed integration themes, units, lessons and activities, which can be adapted to address learners’ interests, knowledge, and goals;

  • Part Five: Planners to help instructors and learners design integration activities, lessons, units, and themes; and

  • Part Six: An annotated bibliography listing resources instructors can use to continue to develop integrative practices.

Click on the link to access the integration guide itself: ABE Integration Guide

Here are some helpful rubrics, checklists, planners, and appendices for the integration guide: Appendices Link