Integration Articles:

Below is a list of linked articles that discuss various aspects of integration. If you wish to contribute to the articles listed here, please include a brief abstract that describes what the article is about. Alternatively, you can email your link and abstract to Michelle Clarke and she will put it on the wiki for you.

Overview of Curriculum Integration:

"This document has been written primarily as a resource guide for those in curriculum administration;
however, it will also be relevant to teachers. It provides an overview of integrated curriculum and apractical guide to implementing integrated curriculum in the classroom. The intent of this documentis to offer an interdisciplinary approach to integrated curriculum that is standards-based and
meaningful to both teachers and students." (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, pg. 1)

In Overcoming Obstacles to Curriculum Integration, L.E.S.S. Can Be More!

This is an excellent article that discusses the challenges inherent to curriculum integration and discusses practical solutions to overcoming these barriers. In the article, four main tips are given; L = Leveraging the Local; E = Emergent design; S = Keep it simple; S = Start small.