Curriculum Guides and Integration Tools:

Here are some helpful planning tools to assist you in plotting out what curriculum areas you want to utilize, what learning objectives you're going to focus on for your planned lesson/unit/project/activity, as well as some assessment options.

Integration Guide:

ABE Integration Guide (pdf version only)

Level 3 Curriculum Guides:

HTML Versions:

(These may be best for viewing online. Also of interest.. the learning outcomes in this version of these guides have web-based electronic resource supports. If there is a globe (or two or a few) beside the learning outcome, then each globe represents a distinct electronic resource that supports that particular learning outcome. This linking tends to make incorporating computer literacy skills into one's lessons fairly easy and straightforward! Just click on the link to go to the page that has been linked. If there are dead links, feel free to let the Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour know about them :) )

Communications 10:

Life/Work Studies 10

Mathematics 10

Science 10

Social Sciences 10

PDF Versions:

(These may be best for printing single pages or a selection (range) of pages.)

Communications 10:

Life/Work Studies 10:

Mathematics 10:

Science 10:

Social Sciences 10:

Other Planning Aids/Websites:

Essential Skills Definitions

Essential Skills Website

Rubrics, Checklists and Planners

Everything at a Glance:

Here is a Word document that summarizes the global learning outcomes for all five curricula all on a 2 page document. While this resource is very handy to assist instructors to get a general overview of the content area for planning purposes, it is highly recommended that instructors fill in and flesh out the details of their lesson/unit plans by referring to the curriculum documents themselves as this resource lacks sufficient detail on its own to adequately cover the material.

Blank Integration Planners:

Here are a number of blank planners that you can print off and use as visual aids to assist you in defining overlapping curriculum goals and subject content areas. You may find it helpful to xerox these on large sized paper and put them on your wall. To print any of the images below, right click on it, select open image in new tab (or save it to your computer and print it from there).

A Series of Circles:

2 Circles Unbanded

3 Circles Unbanded

4 Circles Banded

4 Circles Unbanded #2

5 Circles Unbanded

Webbed Planner with Unifying Theme